Our Mission:

  The mission of A Child's Healing Heart is to help little ones understand that it is okay to be sad, to talk about and share their feelings and that crying is okay. Some believe that toddlers forget easily and don't grieve like older children or adults. This is simply not true. Some toddlers may regress with talking, potty-training, learning and even show aggression with biting others or themselves, becoming destructive, having nightmares, etc.. We strongly recommend getting your grieving toddler professional grief counseling to help them (and you) to begin your journey with healing. We feel it is important too, to keep their loved one's memory alive by sharing photos, videos and not being afraid to mention their loved ones name, when they ask or show an interest. Many feel that it may be in the best interest of a young toddler to forget their loved one. Brushing the death of their loved one under the rug, or allowing a grieving toddler to completely forget them will only cause trust and relationship issues later in life. Our books offer an alternate narrative of “death” in a child's perspective, offering comfort and peace. 


I miss your smile, giggle and your quirky humor too- the big dreams you once dreamt, that sadly never came true.

You inspired me so much in the short time that you were here. 

You touched my heart, filling it with joy and now with tears.

I'll never understand why you had to go, before we could remind you 

how proud of you we were, and how much we loved you so!

May you visit us often in our dreams, easing our sadness and our silent screams. 

For not a single day will pass by without a thought of you, the impact you made... I don't think you had a clue.

The imprint that you left, the hearts that you've touched, really made a difference... it meant so much!

Until we meet again, when I too earn my wings, we will dance in Heaven and share all that it brings!

A Poem for Riley by Rhonda Manyak

Photography by Doreen Birdsell