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"Rhonda Manyak experienced a nightmare. Her adult daughter was killed in an accident that left a small child in its wake. As Rhonda mourned, she also witnessed the suffering in her little granddaughter’s eyes. When she looked for books to help the child with her grief, it seemed they were mostly directed toward older children. Not finding what she wanted, she decided to write the book herself. She now offers it to other families with grieving preschoolers. This powerful, but gentle book gives voice to a little ones' pain, with language and pictures they can understand - turning the nightmare of loss into a dream of love, hope, and even, joy. I highly recommend this book."

Pamela Saladino, M.S., M.A., LMHC - Bereavement Counselor

"A wonderful story that respects and validates a young child's experience of grief, loss and missing a loved one. A perfect addition to any clinical or family library for children who have suffered loss"

Katie Demick, MSW, RCSW, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Counselor

Young children grieve deeply as do older children and adults. Young children however, do not always have the necessary vocabulary to express their feelings and emotions. This is an important book in providing necessary communication skills and validation in addressing their often silent suffering. Few books currently are in existence which adequately meet the needs of young children enduring the pain of loss due to death."

Linda O'Brien RN, MA, Hospice Chaplain, End-of-Life Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Educator and Author. O'Brien currently serves as a Life Coach helping individuals grieving a loss in Sarasota, Florida.